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You Can Help Haiti Rebuild Today

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You can play a pivotal role in rebuilding homes in Haiti where over 250,000 people (mostly widowed women and orphan children) are still living in tents and suffering, as we approach the 5th anniversary of the earthquake in January 2015. The United Aid Foundation and Hope For Haiti Healing have a proven record of delivering 98 cents of every donated dollar to those truly in need and has supplied over $1,400,000 in food, medicine, clothing, building, and medical supplies since the earthquake. Many things have improved in Haiti since the earthquake but for those still living in tents and makeshift shacks, the misery level is appalling. The suffering that the children endure daily will break your heart. They need your help.

I know you have heard the stories about waste, corruption and theft of donated funds but we are an organization where nobody draws a salary or any form of income except a couple of clerical workers that handle office responsibilities. Still skeptical? Here is your opportunity to stand up and be counted.

Contribute a minimum of $10,000 and you can personally travel with us this January and personally help build 4 more houses and provide the finishing details on the four we built in the spring. You can see every dollar put to work. If you don't have $10,000 and have a heart for helping, you can buy a door, a window or a wall section. We use Florida Building Code guidelines creating a process that is both hurricane and seismic resistant. This is not disposable housing like so much of the temporary relief shelter built in haste after the earthquake. We will also be planting trees and improving the village's goat herd, and all efforts will be in concert with our Haitian team of 20 trained carpenters and laborers led by Frantz Vil. We buy the majority of our supplies in the local Haitian economy, and are focused on helping create a sustainable model that will help our support team find work when we have returned home.

My name is Michael Wnek, founder of Hope For Haiti Healing and United Aid Foundation Board Member, and you don't have to take my word for it. Click on any of the numerous links on this site and you can read the press covering our efforts and realize we are made up of ordinary folks who stood up and decided to make a difference and continue to, long after the hype and press have subsided. I will be accompanied by Stephen Braun, another UAF Board member and long time builder and developer and Cenovio Villa, a building contractor with an engineering background.

We will also be accompanied by a medical team that will work on all of the day to day maladies that we all take getting medical treatment for granted back here in the states. At the same time we will be helping to heal the spiritual scars in a land where Voo-dou is still prevalent. Reverend Doug Townley from the First United Methodist Church will be giving out Creole-English Bibles and helping to spread the Love Of Jesus.

We need to raise $50,000 more (as of November 1) to make this trip successful, and we are counting on people like you. Please stand up and make a difference no matter what the size of your gift. May God bless you richly.

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